Please note than we have temporarily stopped our activities on the farm.

Grass-fed Beef

Our price?

The 2014 price is $9.50 per pound and the boxes contain between 35 and 45 pounds of meat. The exact quantity is only known after the butcher prepares the various cuts. Our price was determined following a review of prices for grade AAA beef found in supermarkets (average of the various cuts). For the price of commercial meat, you obtain local and all natural grass-fed beef.

From our farm to your plate?

Slaughtering occurs when the animal reaches between 18 and 30 months of age. It is generally done in the fall (mid-november), at a provincially-inspected abattoir in Thurso (Québec). Each animal is inspected by a veterinarian before slaughter. The butcher then ages the meat for 14 days before preparing the cuts. The boxes contain a variety of standard cuts, individually shrink-wrapped and labelled with the type of cut and weight. The meat is delivered fresh at a convenient location in Gatineau (Hull sector).

Why adapt the cooking?

Cooking grass-fed beef differs slightly from cooking commercial grain-fed beef. The meat is as tender but, because the animal was allowed to wander freely during its life, its muscular structure is better defined. Opt for cooking methods that allow the meat to keep its tenderness. A document suggesting cooking tips and recipes will be included with your order.

Surprise Boxes (1/8 of beef)

A 38 pound box of meat, for example, may contain:

Meat Weight Description
Steaks 9 lbs T-Bone, Rib-Steak, Sirloin, Du roi steak
Roasts 8 lbs 2 roasts in each box, shoulder roast, chuck roast or sirloin tip
Filet Mignon 0.4 lbs One piece
Stewing Cubes 3.5 lbs 3 packs
Flank Steak or Bavette 0.6 lbs One piece
Osso Buco 1.5 lbs One pack containing 2 to 4 shanks
Ground Beef 15 lbs Divided in one pound packs
Offal and Soup Bones Sold separately for $4/lb