Please note than we have temporarily stopped our activities on the farm.

Our herd

What is grass-fed beef or veal?

These animals are reared free all year in natural pastures to which no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are added. They are also reared according to organic agriculture principles, namely without vaccines, antibiotics, insecticides or animal-based supplements. We are not, however, organic certified because of the high cost associated with certifying our operation, which is still quite small.

Our animals?

We have selected the Belted Galloway breed for its natural resilience to our climate, its maternal instincts and above all for its superior foraging ability. Our animals’ quality of life is important to us; that is why calves are never separated from their mothers, our animals are never confined, they always have access to fresh water, shade and shelter. Our animals graze in our pastures during the summer and, in winter, consume hay grown in our fields and receive a dietary supplement in the form of salt and seaweed flour mixture.

The benefits?

The advantages of grass-fed beef are numerous. This type of farming respects the very nature of a ruminant, guarantees an animal that has been reared in freedom with the possibility to socialize and act as a herd all lifelong. The meat is also more flavourful and nutritious than grain-fed animals because of the biodiversity in our fields. Grass-fed beef is therefore leaner, but well marbled, rich in Omega-3 and has a higher percentage of vitamin E and combined linoleic acid.