Please note than we have temporarily stopped our activities on the farm.

Grass-fed Veal

Our price?

The 2014 price is $13 per pound and the boxes contain around 30 pounds of meat. The exact quantity is only known after the butcher prepares the various cuts. Our price was determined following a review of prices for veal found in supermarkets (average of the various cuts). For the price of commercial meat, you obtain local and all natural grass-fed veal that has never been secluded from its herd as would traditional milk-fed veal.

From our farm to your plate?

Slaughtering occurs when the animal is around 200 days old. It is generally done in the fall (mid-november), at a provincially-inspected abattoir in Thurso (Québec). Each animal is inspected by a veterinarian before slaughter. The butcher then ages the meat for 7 days before preparing the cuts. The boxes contain a variety of standard cuts, individually shrink-wrapped and labelled with the type of cut and weight. The meat is delivered fresh at a convenient location in Gatineau (Hull sector).

Surprise Boxes (quarter veal)

A 29.5 pound box of meat, for example, may contain:

Meat Weight Description
Flank steak or Bavette 1 lb One piece
Stewing cubes 1.6 lbs 1 pack
Escalope 2.3 lbs Divided in 3 to 4 packs each containing 4 to 6 escalopes
Filet Mignon 0.35 lbs One piece
Ground Meat 11 lbs Divided in one pound packs
Ossobuco 1.7 lbs Divided in two packs containing a total of 2 to 4 shanks
Chops 3.8 lbs 9 chops individually wrapped
Sirloin 0.75 lbs 2 to 3 small steaks
Chuck Roast 4 lbs 2 roasts weighing 2 pounds each
Cross Rib Roast 1.6 lbs One piece
Fondue Veal 1.5 lbs 3 packs
Offal and Soup Bones Sold separately for $6/lb